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My name is Azalea, every since I was a kid I loved doing hair. My first experience with hair was on my myself. When I was a little girl in the 4th grade my mom was still putting ponytails in my hair, which was embarring because kids are mean. So I solved that problem by getting to school early to take my ponytails out and re-do my hair in the ladies restroom. Then after school I will go back to the restroom and put my hair back in ponytails like my mom had it. Thats when I knew that I had talent in hair...


Then when my mother eventually started letting me do my own hair, it was on from there. I immediately knew what I was doing when it came to relaxers and hairstyles. At 15 years old I begin installing weaves in people hair and braids in people hair and cutting all the guys hair in my neighborhood this talent came natural. At sixteen I got a job at a salon called SA"VAGE" on Ridge and Midvale as a shampoo girl. 


Throughout the years of my life I worked different jobs and I have different degrees under my belt, but nothing satisfy me more than doing hair. I get a rush after doing a client hair because I get to see how excited they are about their new look and it makes me feel good that I was able to make someone else feel good. I have a deep passion for women, I love to make them feel and look beautiful with healthy solutions. When I was pregnant with my son, the last three months of pregnancy the doctor told me I needed to be on bed rest. Man oh man I almost needed counseling because I couldn't do hair. It's not so much of the money making in the hair industry, I love how good it makes me feel when I make someone else feel good. It's an addiction to me, I love to help women feel and look beautiful! 


Throughout the years of professional hair styling, I really never got a complaint from clients about their hair,. I put my heart into my work, because I like the rush I get in the end results. There were times where people have came in the salon and obviously look like they barely could afford my services , I bless them at no additional charge and felt good about doing it. Because I know if I bless them I'll be blessed in the end. 


Not only am I a hair stylist, but I'm creative in other areas as well. This website you're looking at, I built it from scratch, I love to interior decorate, I love graphic designing and cooking. I just love to be creative and in the hair industry you must know how to be creative, because you'll come across some challenges. 



My ultimate goal is to open a Hair Salon in Philadelphia where no one is Left Behind. My goal is to get like-minded people 2B hair stylist in the salon that loves doing hair as a passion and not a paycheck....

Aside from all that I am a Christian woman who is in love with the Lord and put him before anything and with him helps me to be the woman I am today :-)






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